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For Mum Gift Box [6 Tartlets]

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 For collection/delivery between 1 May - 30 June 


An assortment of 6 seasonal flavours.

Kiwi Basil [Vanilla Tart Pastry / Almond Frangipane / Basil infused Pastry Cream / Fresh Kiwi]

Blueberry Lemon [Vanilla Tart Pastry / Almond Frangipane / Lemon Curd / Housemade Fresh Blueberry Jam / Blueberry Chantilly Cream / Fresh Blueberries]

Calamansi Pineapple [Vanilla Tart Pastry / Almond Frangipane / Calamansi Curd / Pineapple Slices]

Strawberry Dark Chocolate [Chocolate Tart Pastry / Crumch Dark Chocolate Feuilletine / 66% Dark Valrhona Chocolate Ganache / Housemade Fresh Strawberry Jam / Fresh Strawberries]

Chocolate Praline [Chocolate Tart Pastry / Crunchy Chocolate Praline Feuilletine / Valrhona 66% Dark Chocolate Praline Ganache / Cocoa Nibs Brittle / Hazelnut]

Pulut Hitam [Vanilla Tart Pastry / Black Glutinous Rice / Coconut Panna Cotta]




Product Care

Best eaten chilled except for brownie cookie butter tart.

Leftovers can be kept refrigerated in an air-tight container for a maximum of 2 days as we do not add preservatives to our products.

Do note that the tart pastry will soften the longer it's being kept for.


Eggs, Gluten & Dairy

Chocolate Praline - hazelnuts
Cookie Butter- may contain traces of tree nuts
Pulut Hitam - agar agar
Lemon & Passionfruit - fish gelatine

Product Notes

As our bakes are handmade, there may be slight variation to the actual product delivered. Measurements stated may vary up to ±0.5".

Actual colours may deviate slightly from the reference on different devices.

The kiwis used will be either green or gold.
For Mum Gift Box (6 Tartlets) For Mum Gift Box (6 Tartlets) For Mum Gift Box (6 Tartlets)

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