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2 hour delivery window (e.g. 10am-12pm) : $18 onwards depending on the location

1 hour delivery window (e.g. 10-11am) upon request: $23 onwards depending on the location

 (please call us at 6299 3450)



2 hour delivery window: 10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm



Tuesday to Friday: 11am-630pm on weekdays

Saturday and Sunday: 11am-6pm

Closed on Mondays


Q: Can I ask someone to collect my order on my behalf? 

Yes! It would be best if you notify us via phone call or email that someone else would be collecting on your behalf. He/she will need to provide us with the order number and name of the person who ordered the cake.


Q: Can I change my collection/delivery time?

We will be happy to help if our schedule allows for it. 

Please call us at 6299 3450 if you need to make any changes to your order. If we are able to accomodate to the change, you will be asked to send us an email for record purposes. 


Q: I can’t make it on time to collect my cake, what should I do?

If you are unable to collect your cake before we close at 630pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends, we will keep the cake in our fridge for you to collect it the next day. Do note that we are closed on Mondays. 

Alternatively, if you are late and if a member of our team is able to wait for you past the shop operation hours, a $20 surcharge per 30mins will apply. 


Q: I can’t be there to receive my delivery, what should I do?

Please ensure that you or the recipient (if it's a gift) is at the location to receive the cake. Our delivery personnel will call you when he arrives. 

If you or your recipient is not there and uncontactable for 5-10mins, he will move on to the next delivery and bring your cake back to our shop. Please contact us for a redelivery (redelivery charges apply, subject to availability).

We will not leave our products outside of a house unattended for the following reasons:

Contamination: We will not know if anyone or anything will come into contact with our products and contaminate them during the process. 

Temperature: Most of our products are temperature sensitive so they will not last outdoors in the Singapore heat for an unknown period of time. Our products may melt, or even worse, turn bad.

Damage: We will not know if anyone or anything will come into contact with our products and damage them during the process. 


Q: Can I engage my own courier to pick my cake up?

Of course! Do note that we will not be liable in the event that the cake/dessert gets damaged during delivery. We will take a photo of the cake once the courier has confirmed that it is in good condition. Any damages found on the cake upon delivery has to be borne by the external courier. 

We will only release the cake to the courier if he can present the invoice/order number. 


Delivery Policy

  1. A two or four or eight -hour delivery window is required. This is to take into account the traffic and our driver’s delivery schedule. Slots are on a first come first serve basis.
  2. The recipient’s name and contact number will be required if the person that ordered will not be the one at the venue receiving the item.
  3. The recipient is responsible to check the condition of the cake and whether it matches the information in the order form/invoice (eg. flavour, design, message, candles, knife and cake topper).
  4. The recipient has to be at the venue during the two-hour delivery window. In the event where there is no one to receive the order after a 5 minute waiting period, the driver will bring the items back to the shop until further instruction from the customer.
  5. If the order has to be redelivered, an extra delivery fee will apply. If no slots are available, you may self collect your order during our opening hours by the next working day. Cakes that are not collected within 24 hours from the specified date and time will be discarded. No refunds will be made. 
  6. The rescheduling of delivery will be dependent on the availability of our driver. 
  7. All deliveries do not come with set-up of any kind, including the unboxing of the cake. Our drivers are only responsible for delivering the cake safety to the location. 
  8. In the event that instructions are given to us to leave the order outside the premises, we will not be responsible for the condition of the items after our driver has left .
  9. The person(s) receiving the cake is wholly responsible for checking and making sure that the order is correct and in good condition. If there are any issues with the order, they should be raised to the driver on the spot. 
  10. Subsequent disputes regarding the cake will not be entertained. 
  11. The complete address, inclusive of unit number and postal code must be provided. We will not be responsible if the order is delivered incorrectly due to any missing information. 
  12. Standard cake orders should be placed 3 days in advance.
  13. Customised cake orders should be placed 7 days in advance.