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Whipped Cream

Make perfectly smooth and luscious whipped cream.




Here’s how we achieve smooth, silky and stable whipped cream for masking our cakes.


Brand of whipped cream we use: Elle & Vire Excellence Whipping Cream 35% Fat


Elle & Vire Excellence Whipping Cream is produced in Normandy, France. This cream can be used for both pastry making and cooking. 



The recipe is simple.

All you need are these ingredients. 


Whipping cream 100g

Sugar 10g

Vanilla paste (to taste)

Gelatin Powder 1g

Water 5g



Tools and equipment needed:


Electric mixer - either handheld or stand with a whisk attachment

Mixing bowl




Tips for optimizing your whipped cream’s texture



Adding gelatin into your whipped cream helps to make the cream more stable (able to hold its shape for a longer period). It is easier to handle, and it also gives the cream an extra silky smooth texture. 


Cold mixing bowl: 

A cold mixing bowl helps to retain the temperature of the cold whipping cream while it’s being whisked. 



Sieving the cream with gelatin allows you to get smooth whipped cream without any lumps. 


Refrigerate before using: 

After whipping up the gelatinized cream, throw it back into the fridge to allow the cream to slightly firm up, then whip it up again! This creates a firmer, more stable cream to work with.






Bloom the gelatin:  Add the gelatin powder into a small bowl or measuring jug. Add cold water to it and mix with a fork or a small whisk to dissolve the gelatin powder into the water. About 5-10 minutes later, the mixture should be jelly like. 


Dissolve the gelatin: After the gelatin has bloomed, dissolve it by heating it gently. You can either microwave it for a few seconds or place the bowl in a pan of warm water until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Do not overheat it.


Prepare the cream: Pour cold whipping cream into the mixing bowl. This is very important, do not mix whipping cream that is not cold, it will not work. You can also choose to chill your mixing bowl prior.  Add sugar and vanilla paste. Whip until it starts to thicken (but not whipped yet).


Incorporate gelatin: Once the gelatin is completely dissolved, add a small portion of the thickened but not yet whipped cream into the gelatin. Make sure the gelatin is warm, not hot. This method  tempers the gelatin, preventing it from setting immediately upon contact with the cream. Mix the cream and gelatin until it is fully incorporated. You may microwave/warm it up slightly to aid this process. To ensure that there are no gelatin lumps, pour the mixture through a sieve into a measuring jug. Make sure that this mixture has cooled to almost room temperature before moving on to the next step. (we do not want to add a hot mixture into our whipping cream as it might seize the whipping process)  


Continue to whip the cream until soft peaks form, then add the tempered cream while the mixer is still going. Whip until medium peaks have formed, then refrigerate the mixing bowl to allow the whipped cream to firm up. 


When the whipped cream becomes firmer and colder, continue to whip it up again until your desired masking consistency.


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