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16 Piece Tart Set

16 Piece Tart Set
4 Flavours (4.8cm tart)


All of our best sellers in 1 set. There's something for everybody. 

(The flavours for this tart set are fixed)

4 Chocolate Praline Tarts (66% Valrhona Chocolate)

4 Lemon Tarts

4 Matcha Chocolate Tart (Uji Matcha Powder)

4 Pulut Hitam Tarts (Black glutinous rice) 

9 Piece Tart Set

9 Piece Tart Set
3 Flavours (4.8cm tart)


The flavours for this tart set is fixed. 

3 Lemon Tarts

3 Pulut Hitam Tarts 

3 Chocolate Praline Tarts

(66% Valrhona Chocolate) 

Box of 5 Tarts

Box of 5 Tarts
Select flavours of your choice (4.8cm tart)


Mix and match, put together a box of 5 tarts


- Chocolate Praline Tart (66% Valrhona Chocolate)

- Lemon Tart

- Matcha Chocolate Tart(Uji Matcha Powder)

- Pulut Hitam Tart (Black glutinous rice)

- Brownie Speculoos Cookie Butter Tart